The priority at Kemah Farms is to provide a clean, safe and well-balanced facility for the boarders and their city horses.  Horses are fed the highest quality Bermuda, alfalfa, and/or pelleted feed available 3x/day.  Reliable automatic waterers are maintained in each stall to provide unlimited, fresh water.  Supplements provided by boarders are fed daily.  The stalls are cleaned 3x/day and bedding/grindings are refreshed several times/week.

What sets the facility apart from most of the other city facilities are the barn and the turnouts.  Horses can see out of their stalls from all 4 sides.  Stalls are chosen for each horse individually by the owner to ensure compatibility with their neighbors.  All horses are turned-out every single day.  Horses are matched up (when possible) based on compatibility and are turned out on a schedule with the same buddies and the same neighbors.  In the cooler months, the horses are out for 5-6 hour shifts.  In the hotter months the turnouts may be 2 – 3 hours

The barn at “Kemah” is exceptional.  It is a beautiful block barn, two stories high, and incredibly well ventilated, making the summer temperature at least 10 degrees cooler in our hot summer months.  The 21 stalls are 16x16 and have visibility for the horses on all sides.  Horses can hang their heads out the stall gates and windows.  Most of the stalls are located on the north side of the barn and these stalls all have large runs (16x20) off of them.  The barn also includes a lounge with sitting area, table, and refrigerator for the boarders and a full bathroom.  There are 3 cross-tie/grooming areas for grooming, tacking, and farriers within the barn and a tack room in the center.  There are 2 cross-tie wash-racks at either end of the barn, one of them with hot water for winter bathing.  

The grounds include a large lighted arena, round pen, and 4 large paddocks for turnout.  The arena is dressage length, 1.5 times as wide.  The footing consists of sand and wood chips and is maintained daily, including daily dragging and raking and regular watering.  The round pen for lunging and round penning is 60+ ft.  The turnouts each have 1 – 2 large shelters and wood chip/grindings footing  

Dressage Training and Instruction is available with Kristy Doty, USDF Bronze & Silver medalist. 

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